Virtual Pinball Cabinet

2013-02-27 in Arcade Pinball

Originally, I had planned to refurb a gutted cabinet I found on Kijiji for this project, but I ended up not wanting a wide-body after all both due to the size of the cabinet and the cost of the monitors. I already had a 37″ LCD TV which could be used in a normal sized cabinet perfectly.

Instead, I designed a cabinet using reference dimensions from a standard normal width cabinet online. I adjusted some of the scale slightly to make sure that the 37″ LCD I was going to be using would fit fine. I also wanted to ensure that the large cuts would fit on the 24″ x 48″ panels of MDF I could easily get home.

Using these plans I transferred measurements to 3/4″ MDF sheets. Things went together pretty well but I learned I really need to buy a table saw or build a jig for my circular saw if I do this again, as less sanding to even up cuts would be nice.